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Celebrate Your Paw-some Dog Dad This Fathers Day!

Celebrate Your Paw-some Dog Dad This Fathers Day!

As Father’s Day is fast approaching, it’s not just about the dads with kids–many loving dads care for four-legged fur babies too! Calling all dogs with dads: Your dad cares for you day and night, so it’s time for you to give back and celebrate your best friend. 

Meaningful Ways to Appreciate Dog Dads:

Play in the Park

The most meaningful gifts are sometimes the simplest. There’s no better play date than a relaxing day at the park. All you need for the best park day with dad is a faball and a smile. Spending quality time together, away from the hustle and bustle, allows for bonding moments that are truly priceless. So, grab that faball and head out for a day of endless fun!

Being Just Like Dad

Your dad is someone you look up to and inspire to be like. There's no better gift than emulating dad’s style this summer then with fabdog Cabana Shirts. Dad cherishes nothing more than seeing you follow in their footsteps, even when it comes to their fashionable wardrobe. Show your dad how much he means to you by stepping out in style!

Order dinner in with Dad

When mom’s away, it’s the perfect time for special bonding over food! Sharing a meal can create lasting memories. Treat dad to a fun evening by ordering your favorite delivery—whether it is tacos or chicken sandwiches. While you eagerly await the delivery driver, make the evening even more enjoyable with fabdog’s Taco Smell Taco or the Pupeyes Chicken Sandwich. It’s the perfect recipe for a memorable and delicious night together!

Celebrating Father's Day for dog dads is a wonderful way to recognize the love and dedication they put into caring for their furry friends. These thoughtful gestures will ensure that both you and your dad have a memorable Father’s Day. Happy Dog Father’s Day to all of the loving dog dads out there! 

How do you plan to celebrate and show appreciation to the dog dad in your life this Father’s Day? Leave a comment or tag us on Instagram @Fabdoginc!
1 comment on Celebrate Your Paw-some Dog Dad This Fathers Day!
  • Steven Etzler
    Steven Etzler

    Love this! Dog dads deserve to be celebrated too!

    July 03, 2024
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