Crab faball®

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Size: Small
Product Description

This crustacean companion is here to bring some serious shell-arious fun to your furry friend's playtime. With its pinch-worthy pincers, wiggly legs, and a squeaker hidden inside for extra excitement, this crab toy is sure to be a hit. Watch as your pup paws, chases, and maybe even tries to negotiate a truce with their new crabby buddy. It's shell-tastic fun for your favorite four-legged crustacean enthusiast!

Product Details
  • Spiky TPR ball
  • Polyester outer shell covering
  • Great for fetch!
Care Instructions

• Spot clean with warm water and soap.


• TPR Squeaky, Spiky ball
• 100% Polyester shell.


• Size Small: 3" • Size large: 4"

Size: Small