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5 Essential Tips For A Chill July 4th With Your Dog

5 Essential Tips For A Chill July 4th With Your Dog

The Fourth of July is a perfect opportunity to unwind and savor the warm, enjoyable summer days. However, it is important to prioritize the well-being of your pets! Here are 5 ways to ensure that your whole family, including your dogs, enjoy a safe and fun holiday.

1. Take It Easy!

Try to limit strenuous exercise when it’s hot and humid outside. Even breeds with endless amounts of energy should avoid super sweat sessions during the hottest part of a summer day.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to avoid July 4th playtime outdoors altogether—you just have to get creative. One simple idea that’s a surefire hit: wheel out your hose and let your pup run around in the cold refreshing sprinkler and prepare to be amazed at how your pup never gets tired!

2. Stay Cool.

No matter where your 4th of July adventures take you and your pup, make sure you both keep your cool. Dogs can’t regulate heat as well as a human can, so be sure to provide them with cool, shady spots to rest in, and plenty of water breaks to keep them well-hydrated throughout the day. 

For that extra touch of style and comfort, our Terry Cabana shirts are perfect for a hot day—they're soft, breathable, and make your dog look like the coolest pup at the park, even in the heat!

3. Dogs Have Feet Too!

As a human, you wear shoes when you go for a walk, but your pup is basically barefoot. Be mindful of exposing your pup’s paws to hot surfaces like pavement, concrete or sand in the summertime. Keep those tootsies cool by walking dogs on grass, dirt, or wooded areas during the hottest part of the day.

A good reminder: if you can’t hold the back of your hand on a surface for at least 5 seconds, it’s too hot for your puppy's paws to handle.

4. Stay Calm Through the Fireworks.

Fireworks are every dog's worst enemy and are almost unavoidable when it comes to the 4th of July. However, you can make the experience as calming as possible by creating a quiet, comforting space that brings them a sense of peace. 

Make sure this cozy space is far away from windows with the shades closed. Pillows and blankets act as a noise-canceling buffer and provide comfort for your pup. Adding a white noise machine can instantly make it a more soothing environment. Thunder shirts can also be effective for fireworks, just make sure it is something your dog feels comfortable in. 

5. Watch the Water!

Some dogs are natural swimmers—others not so much. Even breeds that are known to love the water, can sometimes fatigue quickly. If they are spending time poolside this July 4th, make sure your pup knows where the steps are for an easy exit every time.

Grab a non-inflatable kiddie pool, fill it with a few inches of water, and toss in a fabdog Floatie toy for a safe and fun pool day for your pup!

Be mindful of a rare, but potentially dangerous condition called water intoxication. Most common in the summer months and in smaller breeds, it happens when dogs consume too much water, too quickly—often while swimming or after excessive exercise.

With these tips and tricks your dog will have a fun and safe Independence day!

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