Dog Days of Summer

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If you know us, you know the products we create are made for dogs, but they are inspired by the people who love them. Same goes for the blog…it is inspired by you, and our desire to become a resource for anything and everything a dog lover might need or want to know.

For our inaugural blog, since August is National Dog Month, and we are officially into the dog days of summer, we are sharing our top five tips for keeping dogs safe (and happy) all summer long. 

  1. Never let them see your pup sweat.

No matter where your summer adventures take you and your pup, make sure you both keep your cool. Since a dog can’t regulate heat as well as a human can, it’s super important to provide them with cool, shady spots to rest in, and plenty of water breaks so they stay well-hydrated throughout the day.

And it seems like it goes without saying—but just in case: never, ever leave your dog inside a parked car when the weather is warm. Idle cars can get dangerously hot incredibly quickly, and cracking the window will not do enough to keep a dog from overheating.

  1. Don’t forget about their feet.

You’re a human, so you wear shoes when you go for a walk, but your pup is basically barefoot. Be mindful of exposing your pup’s paws to hot surfaces like pavement, concrete or sand in the summertime. Try to keep those tootsies cool by walking dogs on grass, dirt, or wooded areas during the hottest part of the day.

Rule of thumb: if you can’t hold the back of your hand on a surface for at least 5 seconds, it’s too hot for your pup’s paws to handle.

  1. Take it easy.

Try to limit strenuous exercise when it’s hot and humid outside. Even breeds that seem like they have endless amounts of energy should avoid super sweat sessions during the hottest part of a summer day.

That’s not to say you have to nix summer playtime in the great outdoors altogether—you just have to get creative. One simple idea that’s a surefire hit: buy a bottle of non-toxic dog friendly bubbles and prepare to be amazed at how your pup never gets tired of trying to catch and pop them!

  1. Watch the water.

Some dogs are natural swimmers—others not so much. Even breeds that are known to love the water have individual exceptions, and just like humans, sometimes even the strongest of swimmers can fatigue quickly. Never leave dogs in the water unattended, and if they are spending time poolside this summer, make sure your pup knows where the steps are for an easy exit every time.

Grabbing a kiddie pool (not the inflatable kind—hello, sharp nails!) and filling it with a couple inches of water, turning on the sprinklers or even spraying them down with the hose are fun ways to keep your dog cool and wet without the worry.

Also, be mindful of a rare, but potentially very dangerous condition called water intoxication. Most common in the summer months and in smaller breeds, it happens when dogs consume too much water, too quickly—often while swimming or after excessive exercise.

  1. Throw your dog’s name around.

It’s important year-round, but especially in the summertime when pups are spending more time outdoors, that they wear proper identification at all times in case they get lost or wander off. A collar with your dog’s name, and your contact information are vital, and it’s a good idea to have dogs microchipped in case they ever lose their collar or tags.


Thanks for embarking on this fablog journey with us! We’d love to know what gets your tail wagging. If you have questions, comments, or topics you’d like to see us cover, drop us a note at Bonus points if it’s accompanied by a pic of your pup!